Secret 1920’s Liquor Party

It’s Taste & Liquor’s 3rd Birthday celebrations month and we are going to throw a party like no other!

Celebrating the end of Prohibition – which was on December 5th 1933 – we realise it’s the season to be merry. So we’re rasing our glasses, dancing in the tables and pouring ourself a drink with a 1920’s inspired Secret Liquor Warehouse Party.

Through a Secret Door, it will take you to a New York style Warehouse that was built in the 1900’s, with Liquor Dens, Cocktails such as Gin Rickeys, Stinger, Manhattan, Rattlesnake, Manhattan, The Martini Sidecar, Southside, the Mary Pickford and the Dubonnet Cocktail.

One of the most common forms of preventing Prohibition agents and police from discovering the illegal alcohol was the secret compartments within the speakeasy. The two ton door to the secret ‘warehouse’ was designed to look like the surrounding brick wall. But once inside the room was filled with laughter, dancing and of course, lot’s of drinking!

There will be slient movies being screened in the background, and Games from that epic era, and then a full on party featuring the cream of the crop DJs; such Paul Deehan from Magic Door, Danny Kane from Soup, Ashleigh West from Electric Brunch as Gaucho, Cut Throat Tony from Brunch’in Hip-Hop, Leeroy Hussey, Junior from Colmore Club and many more to announce.

With pleanty of legal booze offerings, 2 4 1 on vintage cocktails, as well as 6 street-food heros who’ll be designing new menus to celebrate the multi-cultural taste of downtown New York.

Paid tickets include a complimentary Drink.
Entry must include an item from this flyer.

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