Indian Street Feast

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Taste and Liquor curates the very successful Indian Street Food Feast-IVAL for the annual Holi Rave Festival held every year in March.

It is dedicated to showcasing the very best and most creative Indian street food from the Midlands. Here they will celebrate the amazing multiculturalism of the street food scene and will present a tantalising selection of mouth watering treats. Visitors to Holi Rave will have the chance to sample gourmet bites from a selection of street food vendors, while local restaurants will be brining the best of their menus to the venue with pop-up stalls.

Manga Singh, MD of Taste &  Liquor and Indian Street Food Feast says; “Shaanti is always exciting, because they offer a very tasteful selection of events. For us it’s an honour to launch with their second festival Holi Rave –they’re unique and you know they’re going to put on an incredible event. Combining their love for music with our love for food gives the public a great way to try lots of different world flavours and sounds without having to leave Birmingham.

Indian Street Food Feast-IVAL also provides an opportunity for start-ups and small businesses to get out their and give it a go – without any overheads. It’s important to support local chefs and produce – it’s an idea setting to engage with new customers face to face and introducing new and exciting dishes from Bombay to Calcutta, from Lahore to Birmingham. “ he ends.