Cocktail Classes

Cocktail classes

Learn how to make your favourite tipple at one of our Cocktail Classes.

We recently did a Corporate Cocktail Class for a client group at the lovely Harborne Food School which went down really well. We have also done classes for Primesight, HSBC, and even private parties at home or at work.

Our mixologists will be teaching guests the basics of cocktail making as well as which flavours work well together and show you how they add a glamorous touch or garnish to the drink.

Pick-up some tricks of the trade and be guided through the cocktail bar alchemy and be taught how to blend in classic cocktail combinations with bartender’s top tips before being let loose to practice.

To book get in touch via our CoContact page or download our Cocktail Class brochure

*Note, if there are any non-drinkers that wish to attend there are mocktail (non-alcoholic) options for each cocktail. No-one gets left out.

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